Thursday, January 17, 2013

Painting Rural America: Vintage Country Images

What is it about vintage images. I love to paint country rural images of vintage places. Maybe it's because  it consists of our history and someones life. My favorite paintings are vintage stores along the highway and old gas stations. I basically do these paintings in watercolor and I love color. I am posting my gallery of some of my work and hope to continue to paint more. Hope you like them.Come visit my art store at ebay;

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marketing your ART:Getting customers for your art .

Okay,.  you really don't have to have a marketing major to get customers for your art . All you need to do is go to the internet and find some blogs  about marketing  your art. There are so many, so go search. Hopefully you have read some or found mine and so  I am going to do the best I can and give you some target markets.

 FACEBOOK, I know not everyone has 500 something friends but you can get them. Just start with the friends you have on your list and look at their friends list.If you know of them, their is nothing wrong with sending a friend request to get to know them better. When I mean Know of them, I mean you have been involved with them in some social function; your children go to school with their children, you see them at your church or what ever.Send them a friend request if you think  they might be a good customer contact.

WEBSITE: you must have an artist website to sell your art online. Find a cheap website that you can set up your art digitally  as a gallery. Most of these websites will have an application so every time you post a new piece it also post on your facebook page and your list of friends will see this. I cannot  say enough about an artist website. Some of these websites are Imagekind, fineartamerica.artrising and many others. These website will sell your art in any size on any medium and you only pay a annual fee with a commission
UPLOADS: upload your work of your art and create marketing tools  such as discounts , sales or re-posts options.Upload a painting and list a sale price or discount ,everyone loves a bargain. Re-posts are a technique that artist use to get more exposure and customers.This process consists of listing an painting and the facebook friend that shares or re-posts with the most likes get the painting as a fre promotional item. This will get more people involved in your art and more facebook future friends will  see your art and become potential customers.  People love seeing art and being involved in the art process so get your list going and get your friends exposed to your art. Good luck and More to come later. Keep watching and visiting.

                                                                   Emerging Artist Belinda Lawson

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How do we Become a Great Artist? by Emerging artist Belinda Lawson

Any one can become a great artist, but what about a successful artist. Let's look at history. Van Gogh could not sell a single painting in his time because he was different  and he  had a  certain  personality. Later in the Yuppie years, Van Gogh  became, what I call, famotized  and in 1982 his Sunflower painting sold for 32 million dollars.  Gran Ma  Moses started painting in her 80's and had the nerve to sell her paintings at a local rural country  store for a little of nothing . One day a gallery owner was driving by and saw her paintings , he thought they were interesting  , bought them all . returned to New York and sold them all. Then he came back for more.
The secret to becoming a great artist is to advertise yourself. NO one is going to offer you a million dollars for a painting of an unknown artist. Treat your art like a business and set goals .Rome was not built in a day. Neither will you build  your art business in a day.
Get your self out there , get your own style , and get noticed. Start small , work hard and end up big.
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