Thursday, May 26, 2016

Popular Paintings to Sell Now!

                As an artist , and I mean a working artist and
successful artist,sometimes it's necessary to paint toward popular

    Artist can make a lot of money by painting and selling home décor trends and decorating art trends.

    This does not mean that you are selling out of your artist inner self. It just means you want to eat and pay some bills.

    You are an artist and artist create art . So create some art and make some money.

     The two hottest art trends today in paintings are:   The tree of life art works and the Abstract non objectionable paintings.

      My favorite thing to do, is to take the hottest trend and brand these into my painting style.

        Starting with the  tree of life  art works. Now these paintings

 are not a original art concept just recently created. This theme of

the tree of life with the swirls and colored circles originally came  from the Artist  Gustav Klimt. 

Look him up he was a early 20th century painter. 

So now your guilt is over.

You no longer have to worry about stealing someone else's idea or style.

Gustav Klimt is the artist that painted THE KISS and he also painted the Tree of Life.

So take some of your style and put it with his concept.

This concept can go any where and any way.

Offer these to your emailing customers or market them locally on your swap shops or craigslist.

You might even get request for these paintings in certain home

 décor color schemes. Or you can advertise  that you  can paint

these  in color schemes your customer  request.

And the last place is your online presence. Whether, that consists of your website , facebook, or Etsy store.

So , I hope I helped in helping you sell and make some Money. 

Next time we will talk about Abstract non objectionable paintings.

  Woo! Hoo!  Sell some art.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to make Garden-Yard Art from old tires!

Living the art life not only involves painting and marketing your art work.
  It also involves  creating in everything you do.
 I know when you love art , we find it popping up in every part of our lives that we touch.
 So as a true artist and I know you are the same ,
 I just had to do the  creative thing  in my garden/yard.
So this is one of my hobbies besides painting and my true artist colors ,LOL, came out in this yard art creation.
I decided to share it with ya'll , sorry for sharing my heritage as a true southerner,  and I am going to let you know what it cost me and how I did it for free.
So here goes, I had some old tires laying around our farm and instead of getting rid of them
 I decided to recycle them in the form of my yard art. LOL!
Finding your tires are the first step to creating this Bird feeder, old tire flower bed!
It takes four 15 inch tires.
If you do not have these at home call your local county  recycle resource or the county dump and ask if they have any tires in their resource facilities.
I don't know if they will donate them to you  or you can buy them ,but its worth a try.
Especially if you tell them you are recycling for a garden yard art projects.
So this is the free step.
Next, after you obtain your tires you will need a big drill bit.

Take your drill with bit and drill holes on the top side of the tires. All around the circumference or circle of the tire.
Gather your paint, four quarts of desired colors at Walmart.
These costs me about 8.00 to 10.00 dollars a piece.
I used a coral red, a yellow orange, and a green mint  color to paint my tires.
You will also need:
 8 bags of 2.00 dollar top soil.
Two bags for each tire.
And 8 of the 8 container  impatient flowers.
Two containers for each tire.
These cost about 1.84 and total of  16.00 dollars with tax.
Get a landscape timber, or two by four.
These usally cost about  2.00 to 3.00 each . you will only need one.
Make sure it is treated for the outdoors.
A sack of bird seed  about 3.00.
I began by drilling the holes in the tires.
I then ,cleaned them with dish washing detergent and a scrub brush.
This is easy if you place the tires on a wood palette.
 The wood palette helps you to let them dry and then paint them.
After they dried I painted each one their different colors  three coats.
 I let them dry and I just painted them on one side all the way down to the ground.
I left the bottom unpainted where they would sit on the ground.
I placed  three  on the ground where I wanted them .
Then I stacked one tire on top of the other in the middle.
Look at pick.
The tire that is not stacked and lays flat on the bottom of the ground doess not have a bottom.
 The tire on top of the other has a bottom.
I placed a 5 gallon bucket lid in the bottom  to keep the  dirt in the tire.
You could use  an old piece of wood inside the tire  or other.

Next, I poured the bags  of top soil and planted the flowers inside the tires.
After I planted the flowers I dug a whole behind the middle of the tires and packed  my two by four or landscape timber in the ground.
This Bird feeder I found at a yard sell for 3.00.

YOU can use all kinds of items to nail to your two by four: A water pitcher, A large painted tin can, an old wooden box.

Be creative and just paint what ever you find the color you desire of the four colors.

So, That's it  on the Yard -Art project .

This was very economical and only took one day to make, after I got my supplies.
Now sometimes  I can sit in the yard during our Bar-B -Ques and Enjoy mu creation .

Until it needs to be painted again in another 30 years. LOL.

Thanks for reading and good luck  arting! 
 P.S. This is one of my paintings!
You can go to my websites above and look at my art.

I also have  another project I would like to do !

Its the chair picture below!

                                 Possible Next yard art project!!!!

                            See Yah Next Time !