Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Acrylic Painting/ A secret Technique?

One of the most  traditional acrylic painting technique is to use an under painting when acrylic painting.  

Is this a secret or an old style of painting.
I do not know but many painters do this and some don't.

I am not an artist that sticks to a consistent style but I have noticed
that using an under painting does sometimes make my paintings a little richer. The colors seem to blend into a cohesive color scheme and flow.

I usually use a dark under painting on some acrylic works.

What ever color is the darkest I will paint the whole canvas this color first.

How do I know the darkest color. I decide by the   landscape  back grounds.

Blue backgrounds such as a sky I use a dark blue or purple.

Green backgrounds such as a forest I use  dark greens.

These are some  examples. See if you can tell the under paintings.

The under painting in this picture was a dark blue green. 

In this painting I used a dark blue under painting.
What do you think and  what suggestions do you have about under painting? let me know.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

How to Paint a Razorback Face on Canvas

Of Course everyone wants to paint a Razorback Face on Canvas . So I am going to show you step by step, today, how to paint this popular image on canvas.

 First let us start with the supply list . This is going to be easy.
     1. two big bottles of apple barrel acrylic craft paint
          one black and one white
     2. one tube of acrylic  brilliant red paint.
     3. One  1 inch flat brush or 1/2 inch flat brush.
     4. One  small fine point brush usually called a rigger
     5. one 11 X 14 wrapped canvas 
           you can use up to a 16 X 20 but you lose the effect
            if you go bigger.
      6. Some styrofoam plates to mix paint
      7. A small pan for water  or small styrofoam cup
      8. A old dish rag or a roll of paper towels.

              Here is an image of all your supplies

       Now the first step to painting the razorback is to 
       squeeze some acrylic red on your styrofoam plate
       and use your 1 inch brush to cover the front and 
       sides of you wrapped canvas.

        After you cover the whole canvas and sides
        with red.

        Place some black on your plate and 
        paint a black oval shapes nose in the middle 
        at the bottom of the canvas.

         You can use your one inch flat brush or a half
         inch flat brush. 

        Please allow about 5 minutes to let the red set,
         and dry a little.

       The next step is to mix a little of red with a little
        black on your plate. 

        Then place some vertical lines
        in a V shape at the top in the middle of the canvas.
        About two inches wide . 

        Please look at image.


           Next you will draw with your flat brush,  mixed
           with red and black, a line on the right side of the
             V shaped brow  in the middle of the canvas.
            You will continue coming  down the V brow 
            making  a curl , come up , then curl down a little.
            Continue to draw a  horizontal line  to the outside
            of the canvas  on the right side.

            Do this on both sides.

            Next make a curved line under each curved
              line for the eyes.

            Then make  a curve line underneath each eye.
             Or above the nose on the right and left.

             View the image:Breath, this was the hardest part
            Place more lines above the nose with your
            flat brush mixed with black and red.

            Then draw the tusk with your flat brush
            mixed  with red and black as shown.

                     You will brush a small mixture of red
                      and black in the section above the eye. 
                     Also, make lines on the side of the face.
                     Three or four thin curved lines as shown.

              Also take your rigger brush or thin brush and
              follow the line under the brow and above the 
              u line for the eye. 
              Do this on both sides.
              Paint inside this section all black.

              Clean your rigger brush and mix  a small 
              amount of red with white. 

               You will then paint  a little of this color
               between the eyes to create depth and contrast.
               You will also use this mixture with water and
               make some whitish red lines on the black lines
               of his brow area.See images:


                                We will next paint the nose.

                       Use your rigger brush and mix some 
                       white with black making a grayish color.

                       With your brush draw two circles where
                       you want your nostril wholes.

                        Next paint the rest of the nose this
                        color of gray.

                           You will now need to go back to white with your
                   rigger brush.

                    Outline you nose and nostril holes with a then 
                     line of white paint by barely toughing the canvas.
                     Paint all tusk with you pure white.

                     Also paint  a mix of white and red  watery lines
                      above the nose. Paint this mixture on the lines
                       above the nose as shown.