Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pass it ON/ How to create Art Classes With Revenue.

Sorry I have not blogged in a couple of months, but the fall months are my biggest revenue time and I have been so busy.

Now is the time that the winter sets in and being in the south, even though we don't have bad winters most of the time, I will be  paintings and collecting inventory for my summer sales and other spring happenings.

I just kinda wanted to let you know about some ways  that I have managed to make some big revenue during the Fall.
I have been selling my novelty paintings mostly of razorbacks and this has been overwhelming.
Also I have been commissioned by several people to paint portraits. Whew!
And , I have been selling a lot of wildlife paintings and cross paintings. I want to share  and  tell you about them. 
But today I
am going to tell you about making art by teaching what you know and sharing what you can do. 
Because many people out there have a hunger for the arts and if you love art you are a messenger and teacher to pass your gift on.

                              Latest art painting
However for right now, on this post I want to talk about making revenue form art classes.
Well I have had  several art classes for  children from 8 - 13 years of age.
These Classes have been on Saturdays and have lasted about  three hours.
And they have been on certain topics or Subjects.
In September We have our annual local rodeo and fair . So I did a rodeo roundup class, which 
consisted of drawing and finishing colored pencil  horses.
These were images of horses in the arena with a cowboy or cowgirl and the children loved them. Very Simple and Basic Drawing.

They made their own horse picture and we talked about entering in the county extension art contest at the Fair
I helped them frame and wire their pictures, and the 
  children entered  and  won various ribbons. Even the county extension women loved me for supporting their program.
I charged a fee and had over 25 children . Now calculate this by your fee charge and see how much you can make.
The expense was paper, colored pencils, wiring materials and the children had to bring their own 8 X 10 frames.
Another expense was pizza and Coke. I went ahead and  fed them lunch since we were there for three hours.
And some Pizza places such as Caesars you can get pizza cheap.

 Now the secret to getting my  children to come to these classes took  four scenarios.
First I made flyer of the rodeo roundup art class on the computer.

Second, I contacted the local girl scout program and asked them   If they would send out my flyer to local girl scout groups in the area. They said yes , because  the girls get a badge for art .
So, I emailed them my flyer.
Third, I ran off about 50 Flyers and called a local school to hand out to the children to take home. My target was a certain age ,children  in 3 grades.
They agreed because the schools have to have community involvement now with  their new evaluation plans and state curriculum plans.

Fourth and Last , I got on Facebook and went to the local county or city swap shop and posted my flyer of  the class.
I had several children's parents inbox me and sign up through this medium.
So I guess you would say that the Flyer was the key  to my class success.
This was a good advertisement because , parents loved the class so much that they contacted me about more classes . 

So later , for Halloween I had another one, where we painted Halloween images on canvas and painted a message.
They also contacted me at Christmas for another class but I was busy with the children's Christmas program and could not do one,

So this is one of my success stories of selling art and making money with art.

A lot of these parents bought my novelty art and a couple grandparents commissioned me for portraits. 
So think about this  venue and stay  tuned for the next episode of how to make money with art.

I love what I do and I hope you have success with one of my making revenue with art project goals. Good luck  and take a look my art  I have been selling on my online websites.