Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting a Commission from Facebook!.

Getting a Commission to sell personal painted portraits with

Facebook is  really, a lot easier than you think.

 I have been successfully selling portrait paintings on facebook of

many  friends and their  loved ones.

Getting a commission
on FaceBook!

Where else would you start your business, than through your friends on facebook. 

Your Friends on Facebook are your best assets. They will help  get your talent advertised  out there in the cyber world.

Its the good ole word of mouth, once again, that helps your popularity and  increases your business.

I have  customers who have bought  seven portraits of friends and family.

Facebook can even create a repeat customer list and collector list.
More business , more money.

These are my steps to selling Portraits on Facebook:

Create a portrait of someone:

Do your Best:

Post a picture of your painting on facebook:

List your contact number and advise all, if they are interested
in a portrait  to contact you.

You can even list your  services on  the local Swap shops

Ask all people to like your paintings.

You can even offer a free portrait  for the most likes.

Then Hashtag  #portraitpainter on you listing.

Okay,  go for it . Don't forget to make your backgrounds
interesting with color splashes.

Good luck, and Wishing you good commissions.