Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to work and Back to Making Money with Art.

        These last few months have been very difficult with my business. 
I have not really been  very busy with my business because of a life changing illness, in my family. 
 My husband has been very sick and my family has  made a big commitment to help with his care.
However,  this summer I have been working a little bit with some paintings and trying to change a style or brand here or there. 

    That's the truth that many artist are going to face sometimes.

If your paintings are not moving( Selling), and you want to sell your art work you better do some research.

I am not going to use that negative  Phrase, not selling, because  sometimes  it makes artist think, the work they do is not good.

Look, you could sell a painting of a cow pattie if you would market yourself correctly or present the image in a more desirable way.

So here is what to do. Get Busy and Change tactics.

Number one get a 90 day plan  to market your art.

Use cards, Facebook, send emails, even consign your work to stores. Get a Plan!!!!

Two, Check and see what is selling.

Do a survey on facebook :

Ask people to list the kind of art  they would buy and have them comment.

Search etsy.com, art.com. and even ebay.com to see  what is selling.

Do a series of paintings: 4 barns,5 owls, Old Stores, fish etc. Go for it and see what works.

Now is the time to beef it up  on your work.  From September to November is a great selling time.

Its a lot of work but you can reap the rewards.

And these days people really love art.

So go for it!!!  Get busy and get a piece of the pie.  Here are some of my latest paintings