Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What art is selling lately from My studio!!

Well artist last time we talked about seasonal art selling. 

How sometimes artist sell more art seasonally and  sells pick during the holidays.

Well believe it or not, I have lately sold a lot of landscapes.

And I don't mean just trees and roads etc. 
My sells have been of more aerial views.

Maybe people call them a panoramic view of mountains, acreage, farms etc.

I don't know if that is something everyone is experiencing
but for my marketing, this is what is working for me.

As an artist, you have to find your target market.

You have to target a group of people or a subculture
that is interested in a certain image.

Lets say cityscapes. Most people that like painting of cityscapes
live in the city or have lived in the city. You have to find these people and target them.
You have to expose yourself to the subcultures through their traffic areas.
Coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Ask to exhibit some of your art in these areas. 
Get a series of paintings and  have an exhibit in a local area where you will find your  target market.

And remember be ready with business cards with your web address.

Have a give-a -way painting with a sign up box.

Be creative, be brave, don't give up, keep making art and you will be successful.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smart Selling Your ART Seasonallly

Hey artist, you know what:?

Sometimes our marketing is seasonal.

Have you ever noticed that you will sale more paintings from October to December.

Do yah think, it might be because of Christmas?

Well, there has been many of times that I have sold a painting and a buyer tell me ,this is a christmas  present for so- an-so.

So revelation !!!!!

Let's cash in on the seasonal marketing .

Say for instance, The next holiday is mothers day ,right?

What do mothers want?
Self Portraits, Old house paintings?

Grandchildren paintings?

Their favorite pet?

What I do is pick a couple of these topics and paint a series.
 Whether it is flowers ,pets , landscapes, etc.

You make the decision on what you think you can sell to people for this seasonal market of mothers day.

Include that in your sales pitch ,whether it be on your website or Facebook.
And make a gallery of  these paintings.

You can even include you market technique of a give-a- way.

 I am telling you ,if you just expose yourself online and even your work.

Believe it, or not I take my paintings to school and place them on my blackboard tray.

I have sold , so many paintings that way.

Also you can put them in the work room lounge. Ahah!

Do you have a hair dresser friend?

 A Friend that has a store, clothing, etc?

Ask them to let you display your art and sell it.

Also restaurants , Hang you paintings on the walls if your owner will let you.

Sounds good .
Well Another strategy. Don't forget the holidays .
We have two biggies coming up Mothers and Fathers Day.

 So let's get to work and sell some paintings? Good luck!!
And don't be afraid .

The only thing some one can say is not at this time, or no, not interested.

But what did mother always say, their are more fish in the sea.

So remember there are more customers in the world or life .

Go get them!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marketing your art with facebook,

Now, that we have talked about email, online websites and business cards.

The next step would be a facebook page.

If you have an online website you can link it to your facebook page.

Then every time you upload a new photo of your paintings it will link to your Facebook page
and you can have your friends view it.

  You can set up a digital gallery for your art work with prices and contact.

 Also a marketing campaign is an excellent way to get new customers.

On Facebook your can have a fan page. 
On your fan page you can   list your art classes  and pictures of your present paintings you would like to sell.

To get more exposure  post the picture of a painting and offer it for free if member share it to their page and who ever gets the most likes will win the painting.

Facebook can reach thousands of potential buyers for you with the sharing campaign. If you will utilize it correctly.

Having a new painting a week can bring interest and customers.

By painting an art work and posting it, all your friends will view this and comment or like, this is more exposure.

So there you go, another resource to get customers to your art. Just make sure you have enough paintings

or prints to  supply your demand in customers.

Good luck painting, creating and marketing. Check out my new auctions on Ebay and sales on Etsy.
Go to the link at the right top of this blog.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston bombings, Texas explosion,Painting classes!!!

This has been a really wild week of April.

Is there just something about this April that is different.

Or it is all Aprils are wild and we just don't remember.

Well All I can say is thank the Lord they found the men that bombed Boston, I will pray for the families that lost their loved ones. And also the injured. 
This has really changed the lives of so many people.

Also the explosion in Texas , What a tragedy. So many lives lost there.

And so many people grieving over family losses and physical

All I can do is to ask the Lord that he help them in this time of grief and hopelessness. Smooth their feeling of hopelessness and give them some calm. 

God Bless you all who have weathered this stormy April.
And we will pray for you to heal your breaking hearts.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Making Money from Art by Novelty Painting

 Okay lets face it, if you are an artist you have an ego. right? 
Come on. admit it!

 All of us have an enlarged head at one time or another.
How many times have we said to ourselves:I'll never do that.

Just to eat our words later. yeah!

 Well. we all want to paint these aesthetic paintings of wonderful masterpieces and make  trillions of dollars at it, right? 
So lets wake up and smell the coffee. 

Sometimes, we have to be realistic and do some novelty paintings to feed the hungry and I am talking about ourselves.

If you are a true artist you will do this with no hesitation, what so ever, because you will put your artistic personal twist on them.

When I talk about a novelty painting. 
I am talking about paintings of crosses, Cowgirl up. sports mascots,
anything that people hang in their house, that is a fad image at this time.

In the year 2008 the bottom of the art world fell out.

The economic fall of everything ,also effected the art world.

Let's face it, now people are more worried about paying mortgages instead of buying 5,000.00 paintings,or any paintings.

So if you are smart enough you will do what ever it takes to make money with your art as long as its legal.

In between your big sales of paintings that sit in a gallery or exhibit, you still have to pay bills.

So I suggest you get a novelty series of paintings that sell fast and quick.

For example, If you have a market of customers that like your cross paintings with a particular bible verse,there is nothing wrong with painting these and making money.

One of my backup novelty paintings are of a football mascot.

I paint the novelty mascot in my version for fans.

I have customers calling me all the time for different signs and personalized mascots. 
And I can whip these up in a couple of hours.

This sales market is so good ,in the off season I can make hundreds of dollars. And that will triple during the season.
It gets so bad that  I can get all orders until the end of the season.

So my suggestion to you is to get a novelty painting and use it to have a regular income.
 This is not a cop out of being a real artist.it is a reality check on using your artistic flair to make a living.

O yeah it a lot of work getting this market going and keeping up with orders. It also is a to of work and  trying time of painting the art you want to paint.

But you can monitor this and be successful at both and have a great career. 
So bite the bullet and your ego so you can make some money at selling art.
Good luck painting and get selling.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Boston Bomb Attack!!!

There are no words to express the anger and sorrow for the  bomb attacks on Boston this Week.
 I think anger is what the persons want and  us to have sorrow.
 Obviously these  people  are the ones that sucker punch other individuals when they are not watching.
And we know that is pure cowardice.

So how do we retaliate.
Well , all we can do is to watch more carefully and be prepared.

Because there has been a gene defect somewhere that is producing these types of people.

But putting this in perspective. The reason we were attacked is because American people are always the shakers and the movers.

The people smiling and being productive in the world and thier own  lives.

The people that always hold their hand out and head high for a brighter future with a mighty hope.

This will not change us. We Will still be the great people and we will over come  this.

Lets pray for the injured ,dead and family of the dead .  The people that did not deserve this and hope to be more like them, in living out our  lives to its full potential.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Customers For YOur Art:III

This is the third post on Getting customers for your art:III

We have talked about websites and business cards.

Today I would like to talk about exposing you marketing abilities through  a specific venue.

One venue is the internet and Email.
Many of you sell your art personally, one -on - one , at art festivals, galleries, or by friends and family.However, some sell your art online. Selling online  will give you a great opportunity to produce a target market list of buyers by  email.
Acquiring email addresses will increase your sells  and repeat customers for your art work.

 But,if you don't have an email list you will need to get one.
If you are selling one on one . or face to face ask for an e-mail address . Always carry some kind of paper or pad to briefly write down a persons e-mail address. for those of you who are Iphone advanced you can put these in your Iphone.
 Even if you don't have a person buying  and you are in a casual conservation ask for an email address.

When you sell on the internet ,I suggest you us pay pal . The reason to use pay pal is because , buyers will have  an email address to sell or buy through pay pal.  This is mandatory.You can get thier email address when they buy from you. When they buy from you it will have this information on the pay pal transaction. You will need to send a introduction news E-mail about your  newest art and  in this email you can ask them to be listed on your email address list .

 Another way is to send your  newest art work announcement to your lastest buyer. Then in this newsletter ask them to reply back through email, if they do not want to recieve your announcement or newsletters any longer.

Having a great email list is a guarantee of sells.  Just getting an email list is  alot of work. Once you have one , its almost like having a diary. You will need to list the date, Name of buyer, what  type of painting you sold them , where they live and thier email address.

All these things will tell you when and how to get sells from paintings. An example : I just painted a series of wildflower paintings, I will go to my list and see who bought this type of painting before, I will email this customer first with a description of this lastest work, a photo, and price.This alot of times get customers to buy art work. Then the rest of my email customers, I will send   this announcement if I think thier area or interest is a target to buy this type of painting.

Also , Every once in a while , I will look at my email list and see what I have been selling   in paintings : landscapes, vintage stores, turkeys, flowers, etc. Looking at my sells will tell me what is selling lately. And I will produce a series of these paintings and email announcements to get sells.

Email, Email, Email, this is one of the most important parts of marketing strageties.  And in this day and age you have to not just be an artist , you have to be a business marketer.

I hope this has help you art sells. Leave me a comment and let me know.
 You can paint like a Renaissance master, but if you don't market yourself you won't make any money.

Look at Picasso. I'm just sayin!!!

Good luck and still more to come.

Next time I am going to tell  you what I have been selling a lot of lately in paintings.

Have Fun And Be Creative in marketing and art.!!!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun Painting Old Window Panes/ Making Art

This is a recycling art project. I got some Great window panes from a friend of mine that owns a contracting company.

My art students preceded to paint these wonderful windows. Of course they cleaned them up first.

But just look what we came up with for our school.

Butterflies are free in the Hall way.
  The Mural I painted with two cats, caterpillars, and some lady bugs

AS you can see my little elementary children used their fingers to help paint these.
  Can you see the baby butterflies. I don't really think there are baby butterflies. But  the children love them. And I guess these are hyacinths.

These windows were heavy. Thanks to my husband , he hung them with hooks on the back and  used washers with screws.

And all this was made with tempera paint.
This brightens their day and just a little bit of paint and a lot of love.
Hope you like this.
And this is a great way to market your painting skills.
If you do this for a school or church or other, you can advertise in the paper. Don't forget to put your name in the paper as well. And list your links to your art website or a copy of your business card.
You may not want to paint murals but it will bring attention to your art.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to Paint a Koi fish III the finale.

Hope you like painting your Koi fish and are happy with what you have done so far.

Today we will paint the fish and  close with the waves in the water.

This is what your painting should look like far.

.Begin by painting one of your fish with cadmium red mixed with yellow until you get a yellowish orange

The next part, you will mix in some black with your cadmium red with yellow mixture.

 Make some dots on your fish and streaks on your fins with this Dark mixture. Then take some whit and place a couple of streaks down the middle of his back and fins. Finally horizontal line son the back in the dark mixture

The last part Put some darker almost black like the photo.

The next fish under your lily, will be painted the orange mixture. Add a little orange and yellow with white acrylic and paint your middle of your fish a lighter color.

Add a little burnt sienna to you orange and make a darker color on the bottom of your fish.

Take white and make an eye and  mouth like shown.

The third fish  is painted in spots of the orange.Follow the example.

Then and last paint the mouth in white with a gray mixture in the middle.
Paint an eye in Black and make a white line for a lid.

The Fourth fish is also painted the same way . Orange spots. Notice the back and tail are left white in the center.

Next add Black spots and Black lines. Also paint the mouth white and make two white eye.

Last paint the eyes black.

Go back and cover some of the black lines with a white .AS shown.

This is what your fish should look Like. I forgot to tell you to make the eye on the sold orange black.
Don't Forget to mix up some Blue and green  . Water it down and make a shadow on the orange fish under the lily.
Notice That I placed some ultramarine blue water line on
the  moon
Then I took a small brush and made some white lines.
Last I placed some yellow on top of the white.

Now step back and take a look be proud of your work. It is truly yours and it is not supposed an actual copy . Your style will be seen in your painting. Great Job

Hope you enjoyed your painting ,step by step, of the koi fish.
Come back for more art ideas in marketing your art
and techniques.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Paint A Koi Fish in Acrylic Part II

Hi everybody , I hope you love your work that we did the last time on your Koi fish painting. Today we will continue on the part II of the koi Fish painting. 

Okay, so Last time we finished the background with the cobalt and ultramarine blue.Then we painted the lily pads  and fish in white.

This should be your image or close to it.

The next step is to paint the lily pads. We will take some cadmium medium yellow and mix it with a dark green or hunter green.

 Then we will put some white with it. This will create a yellowish green. Now paint the whole lily pad with this color.

 Some areas it will be lighter than other parts and this will be fine.This will add depth .

 Then you will outline the lily pad with a darker green  and later outline with white inside the green  line.

Next mix a light version of your light green with a little more yellow and white. Then make an X on your lily pad with this lighter value of  yellow green. You can see this in the this next picture.

One top of that, take some burnt sienna and mix with some white to make it lighter. Then paint seven thin lines on the lily pad coming from the middle.

Next we will paint a line line of dark green beside the burnt sienna line.

Last, paint some thin lines of white next to the dark green and burnt sienna lines.

 Paint all lily pads like the preceding and this will be your image on your canvas with all lily pads painted .

Last , you can paint your moon yellow. Add some white to make a light yellow. Don't forget to leave some of your moon white.

Well , This is enough for the day and I hope you have had a good art painting workout. Let this dry, and we will do part III tomorrow.

See yah, and remember love what you do, and you will do what you love.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Paint a Koi Fish Acrylic Painting

  Okay, So today is the Day we start our Koi fish painting.

You will need a 16 X 20 Canvas . Also you will need to begin  with:       
Acrylic  Paint Supplies

Titanium white                     Acrylic paint
Cobal Blue
Ultramarine Blue

A conical Brush 1/2 inch
A Square  2inch brush

Eventually You will need:

Burnt Sienna                               Dark Green
Cadium yellow Medium              Black
Orange                                         Cadium Red

Okay the next step is two mix your cobalt blue with White:

I part  cobalt blue to 2 parts white

Paint Your whole canvas this color.

Now you will paint your fish,moon, and lily pad in white.

Place them like my painting or you can arrange them in
the positions you want them to be arranged.

Next take a diluted mix of water and ultramarine blue and paint this around the moon, fish , and lily pads.

This is all for today. But I am including the beginning photo of the
first session and how it is suppose to look.

I know all of you can do this. See yah tomorrow with next session.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A great way to begin the day in your studio!!

Welcome to  my studio. One of my teaching studios. I have k-5th grade in this new studio. 

You guessed it I am a public school art teacher. 

What a way to begin your day but with a bunch of 5th graders that love to paint.

Just look at these smiling faces.

We are painting Picasso ,the front and side view.

Picasso said that everyone had two personalities the person you see on the outside but people also have a person on the inside.

I have a lot of hard working future artist painters. 

After a hard day of painting they are tired and we put up and clean up.

As you can tell we are razorbacks from Arkansas this was made by one of my 2nd graders last year.

We learn about painting techniques artist and art medias.

The Children also get to wear hats and go into their imagination stations.

Also mobiles, my fourth graders made this fan mobile.

 They never want to stop making God's Eyes.
 They put them on everything.

Finally Ode to the Georgia O'Keefe Skull.

How can you not love this Job.

Glad you came to visit .
Love what you do , and do what you love.
Somehow, someway , you will and have influenced a person or persons by your love.

Come Back to Visit !!
We will be painting a koi fish painting in acrylic soon.

Step-by-step tutorial.
See yah!!!!