Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful Wildlife Painting of Elk in Natural Habitat

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There are many subjects of paintings that you can paint to make money by selling. However, sometimes we want to brand our selves by painting either a certain style or subject.

    In my thinking,   I find this difficult because I always like to try new things. I do not like to stick to one subject and I prefer to tunnel vision just rural and landscape items but my biggest revenue comes from novelty subjects. Such as cross paintings, sports, and graphic owls. My husband says those items are  my bread and butter.

Don't get me wrong ,but I sell my fine art  landscapes and other watercolors for  much more higher prices.  And in this economy, not everyone can afford the finer art works. So, no matter what you paint you are using your artistic abilities to benefit monetarily.
And that's what its all about as a professional artist. I love to paint  but its not just a hobby for me.

 Many artist focus on one  subject and make great careers.
Such as , bird paintings, flower paintings, wildlife paintings, and the list goes on. Art critics believe that you should stay on task with one subject and brand yourself in this area. However, I feel that you should create a style of  painting like Van Gogh where people will recognize you.
 This is one of those HUmmm  moments and its up to you to make your own decision.  What ever decision you make keep to your goals work hard and I know you will suceed.  I fully believe in the 3 D's . Determine, Decide,and Dedicate.