Thursday, June 20, 2013

Selling art through teaching and facebook

Well, I hope that everyone is having a great summer and I hope everyone is either selling or marketing some of their art.

You know we have talked about art fairs and we have talked about  art contest but  have you thought about teaching some art class over the summer.

And I don't mean classes for six weeks. I am talking about classes that are a one day session.

Having a one session class will give you the opportunity to market on facebook and surrounding areas.

Usually , these are 2 hour night class for working people or Saturday classes.

And you can have two to three hours classes in the morning for the retired or teachers.

Now you have to consider the marketing strategy.

Face book, flyers. swap shops,etc.
 In your search engine on face book  type what ever the community you live in or city you live and place swap shop after the city name. 
You will find a lot of people on these but you will have to join.

So join and you won't believe the inboxing you will get.

Flyers . make up a flyer for your art class and place them in gas stations , church bulletin boards,
courthouse bulletins, and even hospital or doctors offices.
Even banks will let you place them sometimes.

I would certainly start locally.

 This is how you do it.
Post it on your status on face book to all your friends.

:List as a one time fee and you will supply the paint.
Send a share discount. If you share this post you will get a 5 dollar discount off the lesson fee.

Make sure you have a email and contact on your students.

In your status post of the art class always include a picture of the painting you are going to paint..

Also include your name and number .

Ask them to inbox you a message so you can friend them on face book in order they get your other post of art class.

Send a share discount. If you share this post you will get a 5 dollar discount off the lesson fee.

Some students will really be interested and end up being  repeaters .

If they like the class  and are learning something they will be repeaters and come back.

They will be clientele for future serious art classes.

The others will only want to come on various occasions like to paint a football icon the razorback,
Santa Claus, and witch shoes etc for special occasions. 

This group will want refreshments and  with no supplies needed. But you can also have a great clientele from this group..

So put them in two marketing list serious and gamers.


Also when you post on face book also post on face book swap shops.
Place your notice 2 weeks ahead.
Say , Get registered to get your spot.

Also , keep going back every 3 days to post , So (put the Number) many days left to sign up seating is limited.

Make it exciting and fun that is what will get them to your art class.

Buy the basic paint, we are talking about acrylic in bottles, black white red yellow green orange violet blue
SAX arts and crafts is the cheapest I have found  and you can set up an account and order online.

You will have to teach them how to mix to get various colors .This is an effort to build up your 
student fans(That  is what I call it.)

Eventually you can buy the regular painting colors. And give them as gift or door prizes to your serious customers.

With the  gamers you can have some kind of door prize. I don't suggest art paintings because you want them to come back to paint some of these later.

And when they come they will have a bunch of friends to come with them and that's more seats filled.

Another art supply that is cheap is you can buy these in bulk and cheap.

Have novelties for your gamers like Masks for marty gras, Witches fingers for halloween, etc. you can always think of something cheap.

Hope this will help and good luck.
Next post is of my blue chair painting adult class.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Rock Riverfront Water Park in Arkansas

School has been out since June the first, but I seem to be even more busy than ever.

I am presently getting ready for an art fair in July so I am building my art inventory.
And I have a commission to paint, plus two competitions and  my painting for this month' s art class.

But today I took off to take my grand kids to the water park at Little Rock , right on the Arkansas River,
in front of the River Market.

It was wonderful. 

The Park was so refreshing and they loved it just like the other children .

MY Three gran kids loved it . 

The water park consist of water spouts that have a sporadic spray of water in a specific time pattern.

The children were screaming and running everywhere.

Just the fill of the water spouts were an  experience and fun for the kids.

Also the rock foundations had a water fall that exploded on them . It was so exhilarating to watch the children have so much fun.

AS you can see my grand daughter loved the water fall.

But we have a pre teen grand daughter that just thought this was going to be  silly.
And she didn't even bring her bathing suit because she WAS not going to be a kid today. HAH!!!!

 Watch this scenario!!!!!

AT first she resists.

Then she gets closer.
Then  she gets a little wet.

Next it goes all wet . Hah!
 Then the transformation back into a kid!!!

So  guess what, shes hooked on the fun and I get to enjoy watching  her having fun. Oh no!!!!

Teen agers!!! YOU got to love them.

So all in all it was a good day.
And I would love to paint the water fall.

And they had a great time.
MY Last granbaby says goodbye from the rock!!

Summer 2013 Little Rock Water Park
Next post will be a tutorial of my next art class painting.
Come back to view us!!!!
Coming Soon!!!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Selling Your Art in the Summer!!

For some artist summer sales are almost extinct.

Some times artist just go into their caves(studio's) and replenish their art work.

But , if your clever and you treat your art like a business, you can come up with many resources to sell
your art.

First of all, there are all kinds of art fairs that you can participate in your area.

Look in your state, or even out of state and  see if you might be interested in marketing at art fairs.

There will be some expense such as display: tents chairs tables racks etc.

Also,  some mattes, plastic covers maybe and a whole parcel of supplies for painting an inventory.

I know of artist that participate in one or two art fairs and they make enough money to last a 1/2 year or more.

Research your fees, and the fairs will give you the stats on the amount of traffic of people that visit their fair.

Also ,  research what people are looking for in your area. 

Are you targeting the rural, urban , western, mountain or river target area?

Find out and paint some subjects of this area ,but also keep your brand.

By Brand I mean what you usually paint: landscapes, portraits, buildings, etc.

I find if I incorporate my brand of landscape painting with the target area or summer activities, I sell more paintings.

For example , I paint country landscapes, I will have a couple of paintings on hand of barns, old stores , landscapes, but I will also paint fishing paintings, bait shops,  swimming, gardening, farming and what ever I think will sell in that target area.

So keep the course and paint on , I have posted some of my paintings to give you an example of
Summer Art.

All of these paintings are on sale as prints at