Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Changing your art style or brand !

   If you're  like me ,and you read everything there is to read about branding your art, why does it make you feel like your stuck in a rut.

     Well , I Think, changing your brand  or style is so broad!

     Is branding the technique  you use  while  you paint: the colors, the bush strokes, What?

      Or is branding, Painting a certain  subject matter of your art work.?      HMNNNNNN!  So what is it.

   Many artist are now painting what is popular and painting many things with the same style. Some are painting the popular painting, but with their own style or brand.

So, are you selling out when you paint the popular paintings in the same colors , techniques or brush strokes.

  My daughter says she can look at a painting and be able to know if it is painted by me through obvious colors ,brushstrokes  and style.

I was amazed with that statement ,because in art school we had to recognize famous art works by Van Gogh, Renoir,  Monet in the same way.

So , I am thinking that , the way you use color, the way you use your brush strokes, and the way  you have your technique is your brand.

I have always painted my way and even when I watch an artist painting and  teaching his technique , I find my self using his or her advice, but I can still can see  it  is my work.

This creates a lot of HMMMMMM!

So, what I have decided is : if I want to sell art work, sell  the popular paintings with a lot of competition at lower prices. Or , paint  popular images ,in my own style , make them  less available,
and sell them for higher prices.

This will be a lot of work in advertising and postings but you will have your clientele that will help.    Your clientele will   critique your decision by their  satisfaction as a customer.

What does it hurt to try?

What do you think ? Make a comment?   Love to hear from you?
That is my blog for the day .LOL