Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Vintage Country Decor Highlighted with Paintings.

What is the most popular decor these days ?

 I think we may have two, three, or maybe even more, but I

know today  a lot of the home decor include vintage images with

    Usually it was the  baby boomers that loved the nostalgic look

and decor. However, alot of  younger people appreciate the past

 and display many antiques or recyclables.

       What ever the case, many people are buying and snatching  up

 many paintings to go with  thier home decor.

        So the themes go on, Rustic, Barns, Landscapes, shabby chic,

 Country decor, cabin decor,Vintage gas  stations, and country farm

 decor.  These images with distressed

furniture, over fireplaces  and even in kitchens. They all

enhance our home and bring a story of begnning and end. 

Not only do they bring a story, but they bring color and a homey  homestead feeling for many homes.

Original paintings make our home enjoyable and give us an unique

character to our selves.

If you have an image that you would like to have painted just  send me a note . Thanks Belinda

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barn Paintings For Sell/ Painting Rural America.

   How many times do we all long to get away and see the countryside.

Vacation time is happy time. So , traveling to  and from what ever
vacation we are going ,is seeing Americana.

  One of the most important icons of Americana, are Barns.

Barns are our heritage, past , present, and future.

And one of the best selling painting themes.

Another exciting  thing about Barns is that they tell a story.

And that story is up to the viewer.

Who, What , Where, When, are all the questions and agenda anyone can enjoy discovering when seeing or visiting a barn.

Here are some recent paintings I am selling on ebay of barns.

AT :

Each barn has a story of its own.

I love Painting these images.

See you next time . hope you like the barns , try and paint one.

My next post will be a step by step painting of a barn.

Check me out in a couple of days.

Monday, February 24, 2014

How to Get an Art Commission in One Day.

     I can tell you how to get an art commission in one day.

I have three ways to get  an art commission in one day , and I am going give you my secret.

No surprise, but you will need a photo of the artwork preferably saved on our I-phone or phone.

This should be either a novelty painting , such as a  sports Icon.

Or  a painting that you want to target to a certain person or group.

  Okay So we will be begin: This is how I  get a commission in a day.

The easiest way is to post on facebook. And not just your personal page.

Search on facebook for groups that are swap shop pages or antique or collectible pages.

You can also go to the internet to google search type in swap shops  antique and collectibles on facebook .

Find your local swap shop and  collectible pages on facebook.

  With your local swap shops ,You can post your art for sell.
 Make sure you post a photo and give the size and detail. Sample: (wrapped canvas , Acrylic, watercolor, oil,etc).
 And begin your statement  with: Selling this beautiful blah , blah or taking orders for this , blah blah.

Also at the end write: inbox me for more info.

I have sold many paintings this way on facebook. Hog paintings, horse paintings, cat paintings, and landscapes. When people see your work they also inbox you for other types of paintings.

 The Second way to sell a painting in a day is kind of quirking.

As  above, I always carry all my paintings that I want to market on my camera phone.

Sometimes When I go to a restaurant I look at the design detail.

I like to go to the restaurants that are locally owned.

I have commissioned and sold sports paintings of  local sports teams to restaurants.

I will Pick out the owner or even talk to a waitress about the restaurant.
 I greet the waitress or person and say I love your restaurant decor and I am an artist.
 I paint so and so ,like georgia bull dogs, etc.
 I would love to paint you a painting of someting to go with your decor.
And  if I have a sample of a painting they might like I will show them on my camera phone.

They usually ask me how much and  the sell takes off. I give them
Sizes and prices.

I start out at 11 X14 is this price.

16 X20 is this price

18 x 20 is this price.

I am not going to give a price because  that is up to your decretion.

Always price  your art by your financial demographics in your area.

And set a quick date to get it back. not more than a week to two weeks.

I have sold oriental paintings to oriental restaurants, Hog painting to BBQ restaurants , Alligator painting to cajun restaurants.

Just be friendly and don't over price.

The third way to get a commission is to deal with a bank , credit union or non profit organization that you are familar with.

You can use the same MO as decor or you can discuss a fundraiser painting of a local sports icon or historical landscape or etc.

A lot of times banks will have a donation or a contest to get people to open  new accounts or etc. They will use  a piece of art to  inspire people to open new accounts or take out a loan for a raffle to just have  chance to get this art work.

Let's, say, you live in Texas or somewhere on the ocean, any of these themes would be great to offer as a incentive campaign for a bank.

So, these  are the three ways to make a commission in a day.

Good luck , hope you can utilize this to your instincts in commisioning your art. let me know . Belinda Lawson


Friday, February 21, 2014

How to be Successful in Selling Your Art.

Okay, One of the first things I have done to be succesful  in
marketing and sales is to determine one goal  and list how I am
going to accommplish it.

       When I sat down to do this , It was confusing. Yes I wanted to be a successful artist but, what kind of successful artist?

        Of course, I wanted to make lots of money but making lots of
money and being a famous artist are two different things

     You can make a lot of money by designing and  paintings art
work  for furnture companies, greeting cards, childrens books, adult
book covers, textile, fabrics etc.

 But you are not neccessarily famous. Hummn!

    So what kind of successful artist do you want to be.

A successful artist that everyone wants your paintings and after you die your works go for millions of dollars because your dead.

Or , A famous gallery artist of a metropolitian city.

Or maybe, a successful artist selling online.

Any of these can be done. But first you have to list your steps to begin the process.

Only one in a million of us will be like granma Moses, where the
 art dealer came by the country merchantile and bought all her
paintings, she was selling for nothing. He then  took them to His
New York Gallery and she began a following of customers   and big   success for Grandma Moses.


Set a goal on what type of artist you want to be and list your process.
I wanted to be a successful local artist and online artist.

So , I designated to sell art in my area and online.

I decided to get a series of art to exhibit in our local nature center, of certain species.

I am still working on them . But I plan to finish by next fall. 25 pieces.

I will present them to the gallery and see what happens.

Also I have sold art locally by art  fairs and facebook swap shops.

Online I have used Etsy and Ebay.

Working full time has slowed down my online

because I dont have the time for painting many

pieces. So the next step  is to create resell prints.

You have to set a goal and stick to it atleast  six months.
Also , realize your goals will change .
 So  when  you acomplished one goal or not ,
make another goal with a list with sequence of 
steps to obtain your goal. 

So , I hope this will help you get started and steer
you in a direction with list and goals to be
accomplished and successful.

Let me know how it goes, I am
very interested in your success




Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful Wildlife Painting of Elk in Natural Habitat

                                    ForSale at

There are many subjects of paintings that you can paint to make money by selling. However, sometimes we want to brand our selves by painting either a certain style or subject.

    In my thinking,   I find this difficult because I always like to try new things. I do not like to stick to one subject and I prefer to tunnel vision just rural and landscape items but my biggest revenue comes from novelty subjects. Such as cross paintings, sports, and graphic owls. My husband says those items are  my bread and butter.

Don't get me wrong ,but I sell my fine art  landscapes and other watercolors for  much more higher prices.  And in this economy, not everyone can afford the finer art works. So, no matter what you paint you are using your artistic abilities to benefit monetarily.
And that's what its all about as a professional artist. I love to paint  but its not just a hobby for me.

 Many artist focus on one  subject and make great careers.
Such as , bird paintings, flower paintings, wildlife paintings, and the list goes on. Art critics believe that you should stay on task with one subject and brand yourself in this area. However, I feel that you should create a style of  painting like Van Gogh where people will recognize you.
 This is one of those HUmmm  moments and its up to you to make your own decision.  What ever decision you make keep to your goals work hard and I know you will suceed.  I fully believe in the 3 D's . Determine, Decide,and Dedicate.