Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting Back to Selling Art

Well hello everybody, I have been on a semi vacation from my blog for a couple of weeks.

 But I hope everyone is well and okay.

This summer has been so much fun for me and I have really gotten a whole lot of sells with my novelty paintings.

I guess people are getting ready for the fall closer to August   and getting ready for Christmas gift buying. And not to mention the fall activities.

Like this pumpkin truck  painting I did. This is my husbands favorite painting, cannot wait til the fall .

Just a few pictures of my Summer activities.

We live on a three acre place with the family farm about 60 acres. so We are country people and like to just do country things. And my granchildren, as well, like to ride in his funny car around the property.

Also, my painting classes have been going well  every Monday Morning with some little tykes.

Sometimes we have painted some old windows and they have really enjoyed this.
Here is one we did of owls .
So, now is the time that you need to make goals of what you would like to sell and create an inventory.

Are you ready to do portraits, or Santa paintings, or Deer paintings or fall paintings and how are you going to market them.

As you know the number one paintings sells are in landscapes. so that might be an market for you.

Many people are wanting landscape paintings with fall colors and also  moonlit scene is popular.

But how do you get exposure?Well you can try to sell on esty, ebay , or craft markets or facebook.

Doing all of these I have had a lot of success with ebay but the profits were low.
Esty, I have great sales but the sales were low.

However Facebook is very good and sales keep coming in with placing the painting on local Swap shops.

My advise to you is to open a Facebook page and sell. Also you can  go to craft or art markets and sell.
 Using the swap shops on Facebook are a great to get exposure.

Still keep your online accounts like ebay or esty  because these online store will store our sales and let you know what is popular. However it takes a long time to get a following.

Get out there, get exposed and good luck.

Next post is about painting a truck and steps. See you soon. Belinda