Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Paint a VintageTtruck with Acrylics

Well first I would like to apologize for the horrible grammar and punctuation on my last post. It seems I was blocked from posting as much  as possible from my school computer . And in saying that my ability to correct  grammar was unobtainable.
Please forgive me. However I would like to thank you for all your visits and I hope you enjoy what you read here today.

Do you ever wake up and have an image of a painting, that you want to paint put it just doesn't  paint out like you would like it too.

Well the only thing I can say to that is : Is your painting the exact placement of your subjects you visioned ?  Are the colors the same? And last are your shading of grey scale correct with your colors?And , Sometimes we are to hard on ourselves as artist . We are our worst enemies. Always remember they say, your attitude sells your art.And what you are disappointed with someone my absolutely over joyous love it.

That being said I would like to show you my latest painting. I painted this 49 or 52, Truck on 9 x 12 canvas board. And as I have told your before I started with an under paint. 

I painted the whole board with a deep green and medium yellow mix. I wanted a dark background. And in some areas I added Black to the paint.

Then when that dried, I mixed white, burnt umber, and burnt sienna to create a light brown and carefully painted the form of the truck with a then brush as a contour. That means , as the shape of the truck.

After that, I mixed my green with some white and yellow . This made a light green. I then took a fan brush and painted the leaves in the top background.

Next, came the painting of the truck.
 And this I will talk about next week . 
So ,get your background done and next week we will finish the truck painting.

Also, look at my other double truck painting .
Do you know what model and make these are ?

Please make a comment or ask questions  and let me know 
what you think or are thinking?

Have a great time painting.