Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Barn Paintings For Sell/ Painting Rural America.

   How many times do we all long to get away and see the countryside.

Vacation time is happy time. So , traveling to  and from what ever
vacation we are going ,is seeing Americana.

  One of the most important icons of Americana, are Barns.

Barns are our heritage, past , present, and future.

And one of the best selling painting themes.

Another exciting  thing about Barns is that they tell a story.

And that story is up to the viewer.

Who, What , Where, When, are all the questions and agenda anyone can enjoy discovering when seeing or visiting a barn.

Here are some recent paintings I am selling on ebay of barns.

AT :

Each barn has a story of its own.

I love Painting these images.

See you next time . hope you like the barns , try and paint one.

My next post will be a step by step painting of a barn.

Check me out in a couple of days.