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Becoming an Artists: Beggining Watercolor Painting!


                                        Becoming an Artist!

                  Don't let the world fool you, people are not

               born to become artist they are exposed, and
              behaviorally taught to be an  artist.

                Any one can paint as long as they are

            taught and exposed  to view the world as

             an artist .Being an artist is acquiring the 

                 skill of color usage and various paint 

              brush techniques.

              So as a 30 year experienced art teacher and

              artist , I am going to give you the opportunity

               to  learn the trade of an artist, and help you

                create through the behavior , techniques

                  and thought process of being an artist.

                    Since my last post  I am becoming     
practicing artist again.The last two year

husband has been sick and  I have found

     time for my art in little bits and it has been a

                  struggle.  But now , I will return to full time

                      art, as much as possible, with your help.

Join me and we will begin

                 process of  painting and becoming an artist.

                  So, First I would like to talk about mediums.
                  You can become an artist ,but first you
                    must decide what type of paint you would

                   like to use to create your master piece.

 There are three types of painting or mediums.   

    Actually ,there are many more than these,

     but we are going to explore the most  popular

      mediums that people have used in basic painting.

      Watercolor , Acrylic, and oil are the three mediums 

'      used in the basics of painting.
      Most artist have mastered these and have              

       gone on to enhance their artistic abilities become

       combining them or enhancing them with

       other mediums.

       These three mediums can produce the best of art.
        And you can focus on  one or  all as an artist.
         However, I would like to start with one an

         give several lesson in supplies, styles and

        techniques. We will at one time discuss
        some art history and a specific watercolor

        artist we all know or don't know. So lets begin 

    with watercolor . I hope you come join the fun.


            Beginning Watercolor Painting

         Watercolor painting is a very translucent type

        of medium.Very beautiful colors can be used

        and blended to create an amazing master piece.

       To begin your knowledge in this medium

       we will talk about the supplies you

       will need to create your art.



                              Watercolor Paper
      You can find watercolor paper just about

         anywhere.The most convenient place to find

         some is Walmart. In the  craft paint department
         at Walmart you will see different types of

         watercolor paper. Walmart will sale

         watercolor paper usually in pads. 

        They will sell 90lb paper, or 140lb  
        paper pads. Usually the 140lb paper will be

        sufficient for your first painting. And the pads

       will be  9 x12  or 12 x 18.

       This will be sufficient as a beginner and you

       can make beautiful paintings with great  space

       relations. .

            Watercolor paper is designated by weight  of the paper.
         Student grade is 90 lb and is rather thin.It Buckles  
         when wet   and will tear easily.

          A good grade is 140lb paper that will be sufficient
          your first painting. It can be stretched on a board.
          It is thicker and absorbs more.

          300lb paper I very thick , thicker than card stock.
           And it does not require stretching.

          As you go along or paint more  you can decide
           what grade you want.

            Each paper  weight has it usage, and it depends
           how and what you want your painting to look
           and feel like the weight you use.

           Hot press watercolor paper will be smooth and
           some times  glossy a little bit.

           Cold press paper will have texture and is usually
            the most popular used.

             So If you are a beginner I suggest  you use
              `140lb cold press to get started.

            But I also suggest someday go to an art store
            Michaels, Hobby Lobby and just feel the texture
             and weight to make your overall decision on
            your choice of paper.

                             WATERCOLOR PAINT

       Watercolor paint can be bought at Walmart in tubes

       or pallets.   I suggest the pallets because the pallets
       will have all the basic colors you need to start as a



     Later as you develop your own technique

    you will learn that in your painting you might use
     one color more than another color or use a large

    amount of  color that has to be mixed , so it will be
     more convenient for you to buy in tubes to have you

     supply you need on hand.

     However, if you insist on the tubes here are the

     colors you will need:

              Yellow Ochre
              Cadmium yellow
               Cadmium  red
               burnt sienna

               raw umber

               Cobalt blue
              ultramarine  blue

               Hookers  green
               sap green

              Chinese white

               paynes grey {Black}

  Please be sure to get a mixing pallet to mix your colors.

You can also find these at Walmart.

Later as you decide whether you like watercolor cake pallets or

tube paint , you can go to the specials art stores and pick out

various wonderful colors. This is a learning process and the more

you utilize you painting the better you will get.

Styrofoam cups for water and paper towels are needed.


Our final step to get prepared are your brushes.

Water color brushes are a must. 

 I don't use but five types of  brushes for my watercolors.

So, I will give you a list and definition of how I use them.

 Rigger :

this is a fine line brush very thin to make lines for trees,

details, and other specific definitions you need to make

in your paintings

Flat 1/2 inch : this  brush makes paint fill ins

for water houses  etc.

Flat 11/2 inch or 2inch: skies and backgrounds

Sable round medium: dropping gems, and

to make color flow.

Fan brush:  Tree leaves and grass.

Round sponge small:  texture

                                Supply List Done

                   So, with the supply list done. 

We are ready to go

So in the next blog we will begin the watercolor
Please as we paint , go back and resource
my listing of supplies,

You will understand better why we
using these as we paint. So, Always keep
the supply list as a resource you can return ,too.

And see you in the next blog.






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